Gitting Started

An intro to Git for girls, women, and gender diverse coders

Event Information

Getting started with version control can seem impossible, particularly when people are telling you it is so hard, rather than teaching you how to solve your problem!

In this interactive workshop designed to support underrepresented groups, we'll show you it's not so hard to get started with Git and GitHub, in tech in a friendly and supportive environment

We'll cover the basics of what is version control and why it's important. You learn what a git repo is, and how it can be utilised by teams to collaborate. We'll cover all the git essentials you need to know to get started, like committing code, pulling, and pushing. And we'll give you the skills you need to collaborate by telling you about branches, forks, resolving merge conflicts, and pull requests.

Join our friendly and inclusive Gitting Started workshop to take your first steps or next steps with Git.


Date: Monday, May 9th, 2022

Time: 5pm (AEDT)

Where: Online
(an interactive workshop on Microsoft Teams.)

This event is run by Microsoft and the Microsoft Reactor, and enthusiastically supported by the Tech Inclusion Community.

Your Facilitator

Renee Noble

Tech Inclusion's very own CEO, Renee, is also the Regional Cloud Advocate for the Sydney Reactor and the Australia region at Microsoft. She's passionate about technology, education, community, and bringing them all together in-person and online.

A self-proclaimed "Jane of all trades", Renee has worked in sectors across tech, outreach, and education. She's worked in ML and web development in the past, dabbles in embedded tech, and is always keen to learn more!

Renee is a passionate women in tech advocate. She wanted to create a safe space for underrepresented gender groups to pick up the "scary" skills - so she decided to bring you "Gitting Started". She also teaches CS in a high school and runs her own business, ConnectEd Code, working to bring exciting coding opportunities to kids and teachers. Teaching, tech, and community are her 3 favourite words!

Beside teaching and tech she loves swing dancing, cats, and having a ridiculous number of plants